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How many types of pasta can you name?

Cooking Tips Recipes 18 February, 2020

Who doesn’t love a hearty pasta dish? Pasta is one of the most versatile ingredients found in Italian cuisine. Whether you use a cream or a tomato-based sauce, it will always delight the taste buds. The best part is that all types of pasta are easy to prepare and perfect for every occasion.

Pasta comes in many different sizes, shapes, and color and there are countless pasta recipes to suit every taste. Here are a few ideas for cooking with different types of pasta for special occasions or just a cozy dinner. Let’s cook!


Flat sheets of pasta with ridged edges that can be layered with meats or vegetables. Lasagna is one of our favorites, and you surely will love this deliciously creamy recipe.



A small type of pasta in the shape of little springs. Fusili is perfect for salads and works well in special combinations with chicken like in this recipe. Dare to try it and enjoy it!



Long, flat and wider than spaghetti. This pasta is perfect for the classical Fettuccine Alfredo. Our recipe has a little twist to add more flavor, we added shrimp and the result is both magnificent and irresistible. 


Long pasta, wider than spaghetti but less wide than fettuccine. There are thousands of recipes that use this type of pasta but if you’re always looking for a quick easy-to-make recipe, this is the one for you. Serve it with a fresh green salad and enjoy!

How many types of pasta can you name?


Large tubed-shaped pasta. Thanks to its large size, cannelloni is perfect for stuffing with fillings. This time we use an ingredient rich in protein and low in fat. Can you guess which one? Find out by reading the recipe.

How many types of pasta can you name?


Short tubes of pasta cut diagonally at both ends. A good use for this type of pasta is this recipe for garlic chicken pasta, a simple proposal loaded with flavor that serves as an easy-to-prepare dish.


More types of pasta to get creative in the kitchen 

  • Tortellini: This type of pasta is ring-shaped and it can be stuffed with a mixture of meat and cheese.
  • Spaghetti: Long and thin pasta, which works well with your favorite sauces.
  • Noodles: This is a very short type of pasta mainly used in soups. 
  • Pastina:  It is the name of another small pasta used in soups.

Did you already know about all of these types of pasta? Leave us a comment and let us know. Remember, there are no limits when cooking with pasta, so have fun creating new recipes!

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