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Five light and delicious recipes

Recipes 26 March, 2019

Who doesn’t love a great salad? There is nothing else like the satisfying mixture of textures and flavors in a salad. Salad is not only a satisfying meal all by itself, it nurtures our bodies with beneficial ingredients.

Best of all is that there are so many variations, you will be able to satisfy anyone’s preferences. If you don’t have a favorite already, this blog might help you might find yours. Today, we have five different salads with protein as the main ingredient.

Spanish salad with chicken
If you like chicken, this recipe is for you. You can either roast the chicken in the oven or, if you are short on time, you can buy it at the supermarket. The flavorful mixture of shredded chicken and spices will delight everyone who tries it. Do you dare to try it? Read the complete recipe here.

Five light and delicious recipes

Delicious grilled shrimp salad
If shrimp are your weakness, don’t worry because we have the salad for you. Shrimp are perfect in a light salad with lots of flavor, and the best part is that it is ready to serve in the blink of an eye. By mixing shrimp, vinaigrette, and vegetables, you will get one of the best salads in your table. Check out the recipe here.

Five light and delicious recipes

Salad with steak and pears
This salad is full of flavor, and you may not think so, but it fits a healthy lifestyle. Crispy greens, juicy pears, and steak make a great combination, and the vinaigrette brings the whole salad together. It’s also super easy to make! See it for yourself here.

Five light and delicious recipes

Pesto chicken salad
Chicken flavored with pesto is another mouthwatering ingredient to add to your salad. With three simple steps, you can make pesto to give that special flavor to the chicken. You prepare the salad by adding the ingredients in layers with the chicken on top. You will find this delicious recipe here.

Five light and delicious recipes

Potato salad
If you prefer salads as a side dish, a creamy potato salad is a perfect choice for any meal. With just the right amount of milk and mayonnaise, you will get the perfectly creamy smoothness that we love. Dare to try it and make this salad your next side dish.

Five light and delicious recipes

Now that you have these five recipes to start with, you can enjoy a salad every day of the week. What other ingredients will you add to your salads?

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