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Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom This Year

Recipes 6 May, 2020

One of the most beautiful holidays on the calendar is right around the corner. This special day celebrates our favorite person. She is our best friend, teacher, companion in adventures and misadventures; the one who is always there to support us and the only person who invests more in our happiness than in her own: Mom.

Here are some ways you can celebrate this day to the fullest despite social distancing. You simply need to choose the one or ones you like most and surprise her. Let’s begin!

Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom This Year

Make Mom a Surprise Breakfast
There is nothing better than starting the day off on the right foot. Remind your mother how much you love her by spending a little of your morning time making her a special breakfast. You may not have everything you need for your menu right now, but you can start planning a satisfying meal with what you already have in your pantry.

You won’t need a lot of ingredients for a scrambled or fried egg breakfast. Just pair the eggs with some grilled vegetables and toast. Pancakes is another good option that requires only a few simple ingredients, like flour, baking powder, and vanilla. Whatever you choose, remember to serve it with a perfect cup of coffee. If you need more ideas on what to make, just take a look at our blog. How about a mushroom and mozzarella cheese omelet? Mom won’t be able to resist!

Plan a Movie Night
After some great food, you can share more special moments with your mother by planning a movie night. Pop some popcorn to make the night extra special. Let Mom choose the movie and get ready to enjoy something fun, romantic, or suspenseful. Because who doesn’t love sharing a movie with Mom. It will surely be a night to remember!

Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom This Year

Bake a Mother’s Day Cake
How many times have we heard that there is no celebration without cake? We agree, but we also know that sometimes we don’t have all the ingredients we need. When it comes to celebrating Mom, there is no valid excuse because it is always possible to make something tasty with what you have on hand.

Good options are no-oven flan or banana bread. Keep in mind that everything is more special when you make it because it carries all the love and care that only a child can give. If you have the ingredients, but baking is not your strong suit or you don’t have an oven, don’t worry. With Rena Ware you can “bake” on the stove. How about a delicious stove-top carrot cake? If you are looking for something sweeter, you could choose Nutella crepe cake, or something more traditional like an apple tart. No matter which one you choose, we are sure that it will have that sweet touch Mom will love.

Have a Video Call Party
If you don’t live close to your mother, you can agree with your loved ones to celebrate with her on a video call. Many platforms help us to be close to others despite the distance and this Mother’s Day it is the right time to make the most of them. Take turns dedicating a nice message to Mom. Surely, she will be happy and touched to see you on the other side of the screen.

Have a Picnic at Home
Yes, a picnic. Although it may seem strange to have a picnic indoors, it is an excellent way to get out of the routine, celebrate Mother’s Day, and make her day as special as other family moments. Mom can enjoy delicious sandwiches, made by you, fruit, and a refreshing drink. Best of all, you will use items and ingredients you have at home.

Plant Some Flowers Together
If your Mom loves flowers, this is a good option. An indoor garden will become a place of relaxation to enjoy the tranquility that nature offers inside the house. You and your Mom can plant new flowers or take care of ones she already has.  We are sure that she will love that you spend quality time with her doing one of her favorite activities.

Cook Her Favorite Dinner
Surely your Mom has a favorite meal, either from your country or an international one. What better than to take advantage of her special day than by making and enjoying a delicious feast with family. If you want, you can try a recipe that your Mom hasn’t had before and make it one of her new favorites. You could choose orange pork chops or chicken in a cilantro sauce. They are both delicious. If you don’t have meat or chicken, you can always surprise her with a delightful pasta because there are many types and it is perfect for combining with other ingredients you have in your pantry.

These simple ideas will help you plan your perfect celebration. Don’t forget that more than the details, the important thing is to share time with your mother and do it with all the love in the world. When you do, this Mother’s Day will be added to the many other memories that Mom will keep in her heart, always.

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