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5 recipes with rice that you’ll love

Recipes 4 August, 2020

Rice is one of the most popular dishes in Latin America, if not the world, because it is so versatile. It is great for side-dishes, main dishes, and can even be the star ingredient in several desserts. 

Rice is so versatile, that you can easily go above and beyond traditional recipes and create your own recipes filled with flavor. If you love rice, but you’re out of ideas… keep reading! These 5 recipes may very well become some of your favorites.

Shrimp Fried Rice
Let’s begin our succulent list with one of the best ways to make use of leftovers. Next time you have leftover rice, mix it with some delicious shrimp and your favorite vegetables. That’s how easily you can prepare this Asian-Style Shrimp Fried Rice. So good!

5 recipes with rice that you'll love

Chicken Soup with Lemon Rice
Thanks to its creamy flavor and the ideal mix of ingredients, this is a recipe that will make you fall in love with it! As a matter of fact, you can prepare a large amount to eat during the week, because unlike some other foods, the flavors will soften and taste even better the next day and the day after. Just make sure to add a little chicken stock if it thickens up too much.

5 recipes with rice

Cauliflower Rice with Vegetables
Even though cauliflower doesn’t have the same consistency as rice, it’s the perfect substitute if you’re looking for something new. We love to experiment with new recipes and the result was delicious. Add chicken, meat, or vegetables to make it a complete meal. Will you give it a try?

Cauliflower Rice with Vegetables

Arroz con Pollo
This recipe can’t be missed! It is delicious and abundant so you will have enough for everybody. Arroz con pollo is a staple of Latin American cuisine.

Arroz con Pollo

Coconut rice pudding
Last but not least, is our favorite dessert recipe; Arroz con Leche! You will love the coconut milk substitution because it gives it a soft and creamy texture combined with the perfect sweetness. You may also enjoy it as a breakfast treat for a special occasion. Check out the recipe now!

Coconut rice pudding

Now you know 5 ways to get out of your routine by using rice in different ways. Which recipes will you try? Let us know in the comments!

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