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Zylstra Series’ Nutri ✓ Sensor settings

Cooking Tips 12 November, 2019

If you already have your Zylstra Series cookware, and you don’t know how to use the different Nutri ✓ Sensor settings, don’t worry because in this blog we will show you how to use them so you can prepare delicious meals in an easy and practical way.

The Nutri ✓ Sensor has three settings: open, steam, and closed. With these settings, it’s very easy to prepare healthy meals with lots of flavor. From cooking vegetables the “water-less” way, to frying chicken without a drop of oil. Amazing!

If you love vegetables and want to preserve their vitamins and goodness, cook them the “water-less” way. This is achieved by cooking with the Nutri ✓ Sensor in the “open” position and waiting for the water seal to form. Once it has formed, it’s important to change the setting to  the “closed” position. When the Nutri ✓ Sensor is closed, moisture condenses inside the “self-basting” cover and drips back into the utensil, cooking the food in its own juices and keeping the air out of the utensil to preserve the flavors and nutrients.

The “closed” setting is not only used for finishing cooking after a water seal has formed, you can use it to heat leftovers, “bake” on the stove, and make soups and sauces without boiling. This rice made with coconut milk is a perfect recipe to try to learn how to use the “closed” setting and at the same time create a delicious dessert.

Last, but not least is the “steam” setting, which is exclusive to Zylstra Series cookware. This setting is great for cooking starchy foods like pasta, beans, and potatoes without splattering. This setting, which lets the steam escape during cooking, is also ideal for traditional cooking methods like frying. Because the steam doesn’t condense in the utensil, your food stays crispy and golden. Do you want a reason to try this setting? Try this recipe for fried chicken without oil. It is easy to make and both delicious and healthy!

Remember that when using the Nutri ✓ Sensor in the “steam” position, a water seal doesn’t form.

Now that you know how to use the Nutri ✓ Sensor settings, make the most of your kitchen time by preparing delicious food and sharing it with your family. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment. Enjoy the “Buen Comer”!

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