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Recipes for cooking in your Rena Ware Grill Pan

Cooking Tips Recipes 15 September, 2020

If we had to choose which Rena Ware utensil is our favorite, we would answer “all them”! Each has unique features that help us cook delicious meals our families love. In this blog, we want to share some ideas for dishes you can make easily and efficiently using your Rena Ware Grill Pan.

After reading this, you will fall in love with the Grill Pan and wish you had one in your kitchen. The Grill Pan offers the possibility of grilling indoors. No need to have an outside barbecue! You can also use it in the oven, and thanks to its 36 cm diameter, you can cook large amounts at one time.

Pesto Pasta with garlic chicken
You can serve this delicious dish as either a main course or a side dish. We use the Grill Pan to cook the chicken breasts and brown bread slices. The utensil’s grooved base leaves grill marks in the food, while allowing fat to drain away. Sounds great, right?

Recipes for cooking in your Rena Ware Grill Pan

Salad with steak and pears
Enjoy a fresh salad with a variety of ingredients. This is a super easy recipe. You only need a little time to assemble the ingredients and cook the steak. With your Grill Pan, it will be ready in minutes, plus it will turn out very juicy.

Recipes for cooking in your Rena Ware Grill Pan

Cheese arepas
If you want to prepare something simple, but still enjoy a lot of flavor, try these arepas filled with cheese. With 10 minutes of cooking in the Grill Pan, you will have your delicious arepas ready to eat.

Recipes for cooking in your Rena Ware Grill Pan

Delicious grilled shrimp salad
This is a spectacular salad that you can prepare with your Grill Pan. You only need to cook the shrimp for about 3 minutes on each side, and they will be juicy and tasty.

Delicious grilled shrimp salad

Cuban sandwiches
And finally, these Cuban sandwiches are perfect if you have leftover pork. Imagine a sandwich with pork, melted Swiss cheese, ham, and mustard. Yummy, right? Prepare them using the Rena Ware Grill Pan. You will realize how easy it is to enjoy delicious food made using a single utensil.

Cuban sandwiches

Now that you have five options to choose from, which one will you try first? Leave us a comment below.

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