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How to “bake” on the stovetop?

Cooking Tips Recipes Tips 2 June, 2020

Have you ever want to bake a delicious cake to pamper your loved ones, but the oven isn’t working, or you are using it to cook other dishes? With Rena Ware, this is not a problem! Keep reading to learn how to “bake” on the stovetop and delight your family and friends with a fluffy homemade cake without using an oven. You and they will both be amazed!

The unique design of Nutri-Plex™ 5-ply technology allows heat to transfer from the burner through the base and up the sides of the utensil, dispersing heat evenly as you cook. Now that you know how the technology works, you can bake on the stovetop by following these simple steps:

How to “bake” on the stovetop?

You can start by “baking” a cake in the 1.5 litre utensil or in the Large Skillet. First, grease the utensil, then add the prepared cake dough and cover with the Nutri ✓ Sensor in the “closed” position.

Cooking times may vary a bit depending on the recipe, so when learning to “bake” on the stovetop, we recommend you experiment a little with different times until you get the exact time that works best for your stove.

How to “bake” on the stovetop?

Thanks to the excellent heat conductivity of Rena Ware utensils, always remember to use the lowest heat possible. If you don’t, it is very likely that the cake will brown too much on the bottom before the rest is done, and the inside may not be completely cooked.

Another essential step for ensuring your cake comes out rich and fluffy is to NOT remove the lid for the first 20 minutes of cooking. If you do, the cake may lose its volume.

How to “bake” on the stovetop?

When the cake is done, invert it over a plate and decorate it with your favorite frosting. Remember not to leave the cake in the utensil once you have turned off the heat. It will continue to cook and it may burn!

Want to try to “bake” a cake on the stovetop? Here are some ideas for you. What about Pear Upside-Down Cake? Or a Carrot Cake? And even a Chocolate Nutella Cake. Give them all a try and get ready to enjoy a delicious and fluffy cake. Yum!

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